Zoli and His Yeowww Cat Nip Rainbow

I caught a picture and a little video the other day of Zoli playing with the Yeowww cat nip rainbow toy.  All Zoli and His Yeowww Cat Nip Rainbowthe cats love the Yeowww brand toys.  They are very sturdy toys and are packed with super strong organic cat nip.  I have probably about eight different shapes and sizes for them to play with all around the house.  It is definitely one of their favorite toys.  They seem to prefer the cigar shapes because they can grasp them better but they do still play with the little sardines, the big yellow banana and the large colorful rainbow that you see Zoli with here.  They rub their cheeks on them and then go in for a bite or a hind leg clawing.  I love watching them play with these things!

Check out the quick video below to see Zoli in action with his toy!

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