Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats – Labor Day Feast!

tuna for catsIn honor of Labor Day, I give my boys a special treat.  Not that they put in any labor at all but I like to celebrate holidays with them too.  They will either get a new toy or a special feast and today I decided to give them their favorite.  TUNA!  I know that giving a cat human tuna isn’t very good for them so I buy them Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats.  It has all the proper nutritional values that cats need and they love it!  This is a special treat because most of the time I buy from two pet stores

Why the cats love it

This is a special treat because most of the time I buy from two pet stores on the area.  I don’t go to Trader Joe’s as often as I should so they don’t get this brand as often.  I think that’s why they love it so much!

Why I love it

Trader Joe’s tuna for cats is very reasonably priced and is no more expensive than the other food I buy for them. This food only comes in 5.5 oz can size but between my three cats, it is the perfect amount.

Where do I find it?

There are Trader Joe’s stores across the country however, I know that sometimes they are far away.  Also, because this food is so popular, my local Trader Joe’s runs out of it.  It is available on Amazon and eBay but Amazon seems to be the cheaper of the two.  I’ve written a more thorough review of Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats and you can find it here.

Does your cat eat this food?  Tell me what you think!  Cheers!


  1. Hello,
    That’s very good. Our pets deserve to be treated with love and care. Giving them a special meal is to show them value and care.

    Thank you for the information.

    1. I love my cats and I always figured if I was going to have a special meal, then so should they! I know that they have no idea that it is a holiday but they sure do know they are getting a treat!

  2. Hey, this is great!
    That means they’re sure getting their Omega 3 fats in their diet!
    So important if there’s ever dangers of infection…..
    I think they’ve got a great human, and will live long, healthy lives…..
    Cheers, and a hearty Miau to them as well:-)

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