Where To Buy L Lysine for Cats – Viralys Review

I have been dealing with feline herpes for years and have tried so many products but have really liked the Viralys line the best.  Initially, I got these same products from my vet when my cats were first diagnosed. With the outrageous cost at the vet, I was thinking where to buy L Lysine for cats that wouldn’t have such a heavy financial burden.  I discovered that the internet was the best place to go.

Viralys L Lysine for Cats by Vetoquinol

Description:  Viralys L Lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is used to treat a feline herpes flare up.
Varieties:  Powder or Gel
Price:  $16.99 – $21.73 depending on variety
Cheapest Place to Buy Viralys: Amazon

Viralys L Lysine Powder

Viralys Powder L Lysine for CatsI use the powder because I noticed that it is much easier for me to administer to my picky boy Feri. (The other 2 will just gobble everything up for the
most part).  The 100 grams lasts a long time. With a multi-cat household, it definitely comes in handy.  When one starts sneezing, they all get dosed up with the powder!

Viralys Powder - L Lysine for cats
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One thing to bear in mind about the powder is that it is more like a granule rather than powder.  It does not make administering any more difficult.  It just means that I add a teaspoon of water and give it a few more mixes until it is dissolved and fully mixed in.

The handy dandy blue scoop that you see comes in each jar of powder.  It is the exact measurement for one adult cat dose.  A kitten would be given a half a scoop.  The scoop is another reason that I am a fan of the powder.  It just makes dosing easier and takes away any guesswork!

Viralys L Lysine Gel

Viralys Gel - L Lysine for catsI have used Viralys L Lysine Gel quite a bit.  It comes in a 5 oz tube and is also very easy to administer.  I would just take a little bit and put it on the tip of my finger or in a shallow bowl and let them lick it off.  Easy peasy!

What I didn’t like about the gel is that Feri wouldn’t go near it.  One smell and he ran the other way!  Lol.  Most cats do like it as Gyula and Zoli did.  Not all cats are picky like Feri but if you do have a finicky cat, I would try the powder first.  Since I have 3 cats and they all need to get their share of L Lysine, I decided it was best not to continue buying it.

Enisyl-F L Lysine for Cats by Vetoquinol

Description:  Enisyl-F L Lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is used to treat a feline herpes flare up.
Varieties:  Treats or Paste
Price:  $22.14 – $30.13 depending on variety
Cheapest Place to Buy Enisyl-F: Amazon

I wanted to add these two additional options into this review.  They are not called Viralys but they are made by the same company.  I would assume that they are just in two different lines.  It seems silly to me that they don’t have them under the same name but…I digress.

Enisyl-F L Lysine Treats

enisyl F Treats - L Lysine for catsI bought these a lot in the beginning.  However, I never really started my cats on treats so it wasn’t a good fit for me as I would constantly forget to give them their dose.  At times they were not in the mood for treats anyways.  So I stopped buying them.  If you give your cat treats on a regular basis, then this might be a good option for you.

Enysil-F Treats come in a 6.35oz resealable bag.  There are a ton in the bag and it lasts quite a while depending on how many cats you have.  They are a poultry flavor which is enticing to the cats and easily palatable.

Enisyl-F L Lysine Paste

Enysil F Paste - L Lysine for cats

Feri loved the paste!  The only problem was that my two other cats didn’t which was odd because they usually eat anything.  It’s too bad because this is a great product.

The paste has a press head kind of like a can of shaving cream.  You squeeze a line onto a plate for them to lick off.  Or you can put some on their paws or your finger.  The 100 ml container is tuna flavored which most cats will like.

The downside to the paste is the cost.  The vet is just as expensive (maybe a tad more) than this formula.  The 100 ml doesn’t go as long of a way as the powder.  At least from my experience.


9 stars out of 10

All in all, I give Viralys and Enisyl-F nine stars.  The pricing on the paste made me take a star away.  Your best bet is to go with the powder.  It is cheaper, lasts longer and is easy to mask into food.  Have you tried this product?  Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your experience with it!  Cheers!


  1. Very informative article, your article got me to thinking how did dogs and cats survive in the past without all these man-made products we use today for their health benefits?

    I have noticed the animals also are experiencing more health problems just like people, so this tells me there is a good chance the food and products we are using is causing our increased health problems.

    What is your opinion on this with cats, are they experiencing increase health problems just like us as well?

    1. I agree very much! I am very connscious what I put in to my body and have passed that along to my cats as well. I have a wonderful natural pet food store close to my home and buy their food there. It is expense but the cats love it and it keeps them healthy apart from the FHV-1.

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