Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Reviews

I talk a lot about diatomaceous earth and really like the product.  The one thing that I always stress is to always buy food grade diatomaceous earth.  This is very important because non-food grade diatomaceous earth contains harmful added chemicals.  Below are some food grade diatomaceous earth reviews so that you can choose the best size to suit your needs.

Root Naturally 2-10 lb Bags (Cheapest)

Food rade diatomaceous earth reviews
Root Naturally

Sizes:  2, 5 or 10 lb bags
Price:  $9.99 – $20.99 depending on size
Cheapest Place to Buy Root Naturally:  Amazon

I buy this brand frequently because it is the cheapest and sometimes I can find it on Amazon in 1 lb bags for $7.99.  Since I’m an Amazon Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping on this cheap item.

I have never had a problem with this brand and the quality seems very good.  It doesn’t come in the box shown though.  It comes in a heavy duty plastic Ziploc bag.  The only problem with this is that the diatomaceous earth gets in the zipper part and I am unable to close it.  To fix this problem I just use a chip clip. 1- 25 lb Bags (Top Seller)

Food grade diatomaceous earth reviews

Sizes:  1, 2, 5, 10 or 25lb bags
Price:  $11.21 – $44.33 depending on size
Cheapest Place to Buy Diatomaceous  Amazon

I like this brand because it comes with a free scoop.  It also comes in 1 lb bags which is convenient for me.  I don’t have a large garden or too many other pests so I don’t need to buy a larger size bag.  A 1 lb bag probably lasts me about a year and goes a long way.

Diatomaceous is also OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed.  OMRI has a list of products that are suitable for organic use in the United States. 2 Liter Shaker (Convenient)

Food Grade Diatomaceous earth reviews
Diatomaceous Shaker

Sizes:  1 or 2 Liter bottle
Price:  $15.11 – $17.33 (Prime); $12.99 – $14.99 (Non-Prime)
Cheapest Place to Buy Shaker:  Amazon

This is a very convenient shaker that I did buy once so that I can refill the container and use it again.  The top has bigger holes like on a large spice shaker.

You can buy this item on Amazon for the Prime prices above with free 2-day shipping.  However, if you look over at the right and click on other sellers, you will see that Diatomaceous does sell their product on Amazon for $14.99 with free shipping.

Pest Pistol – Mini Duster (Accessory)Food grade diatomaceous earth reviews

Description:  Accordion style squeeze pump to dispense diatomaceous earth in tight spaces.
Price:  $9.50 with free shipping
Cheapest Place to Buy: eBay

The pest pistol is a great accessory to have with the diatomaceous earth.  It holds about a 1/2 lb of diatomaceous earth and helps to spread the powder easily and safety.  It is perfect for getting into electrical outlets and cracks in the walls to rid the area of ants and other insects.  It is simple to use and easy to press.  It does get clogged once in a while but nothing a little tap on a hard surface won’t clear out.

There is a slight learning curve to using this applicator.  I started using it to dispense diatomaceous earth behind my washer, dryer and fridge first to get the feel for how it is used.  You can end up pushing too hard too quickly and get an uneven amount which is why you should start with inconspicuous places.  If you wanted to use this around the baseboards, then I would definitely practice first.



Diatomaceous earth : 10 out of 10

With all the uses and the all natural aspect of diatomaceous earth, it is a clear winner in my book.  It is easy to use and works very well for all the uses it is intended for.  I would definitely buy more.

Accessory:  8 out of 10

This is a great tool to have for the home and garden.  While I don’t use it to apply the diatomaceous earth to my pests, I very well could.  I only gave the Pest Pistol an 8 because of the learning curve in use and because it clogs every once in a while.  I’ve owned mine for 3 years now and have used it quite a bit.   If it breaks, I would definitely buy another one.