Soulistic Cat Food Review

Description:  High moisture, grain free adult canned cat foodSoulistic Cat Food ReviewVarieties:  2.1 oz tub, 3 oz pouch, 3 oz can or 5.5 oz can
Price:  $1.19 – $1.69 each depending on variety
Cheapest Place to Buy Soulistic Cat Food:  Petco

I am creating a Soulistic Cat Food review because I give my cats mainly this brand although I do mix in other brands as well. But this is the one both of us love. At one point the vet told me to cut out all poultry from their diet and so finding food was a task. I have settled on a few brands as long as they don’t have chicken, turkey or duck. Soulistic is one of them.

soulistic cat food reviewWhat you can expect

All of their non-poultry flavors contain no chicken but on top of that, you can tell that it is real food. I have to use a spoon to chop up the big chunks of fish that come in a can. They like the gravy ones best but I will buy the aspic ones as well. When I buy the ones in aspic I will chop up the can in a larger bowl and add some hot water to melt the aspic. This is the only way they will eat it.

Their line has expanded greatly since I first started buying Soulista cat food.  They now have lamb and beef in both cans and pouches as well as the usual fish and chicken varieties.

Costsoulistic cat food review

Soulistic is not too expensive as compared with others in the same category. They are $1.19 for the 3 oz can and $1.69 for the 5.5 oz can. I buy the smaller cans because a 3 oz can is perfect for 1 meal for them. I used to buy the bigger ones but they never finished it all and it went to waste.

The pouches will cost you $1.19 each.  I love the pouches!  You can tell the high moisture content of the food.  That is especially important when you have a cat that doesn’t like to drink too much like Gyula.


Soulista comes in a ton of flavors including:soulistic cat food review

  • Grain Free Pure Bliss Tuna Whole Meat Dinner in Gravy (3oz & 5.5oz can)
  • BPA, Grain Free & Gluten Free Salmon & Tilapia Dinner in Gravy (2.1oz tub)
  • Grain Free Seaside Serenity Salmon & Tuna in Gravy (3 oz & 5.5oz can)
  • Grain & Gluten Free Lamb Dinner in Gravy (3 oz & 5.5oz can)
  • Grain Free Midnight Dinner Mackerel & Tuna Dinner in Gravy (3 oz pouch)


8 out of 10 stars

My cats love this food and I like that fact this it actually looks like food.  I don’t have to guess and take the labels word for it I can tell that what it says is actually in the package.  I took away two stars because of the limited amount of non-poultry and fish flavors.  Most flavors have both and there are only a couple beef and lamb items.  Let me know if you tried this brand and tell me what you think!


  1. Hello! All my life i’ve been surrounded by cats. In 23 years of my life I had approximately 7 cats and sadly my last cat passed away in April this year. I really love cats but if I were put in the situation to choose between having a new cat or not I would choose not to because in the end she will die. Anyway I think this types of website are very good for pet owners not only because they will learn what type of foods to give to the cats based on their age but they will always learn what means different type of cats behavior and how to correct it. Congrats for doing this website and wish you a good day!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty passing in April. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I felt the same way as you for a moment but decided that I would rather share many precious moments and give a needy cat a forever home. Thank you for your comment and well wishes! Cheers!

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