Monthly All Natural Flea Treatment Day!

So today was the day that the cats got their monthly flea treatment.  I used Front-line a long time ago but I didn’t like the chemicals.  I switched to Revolution but that is a prescription medicine and is expensive.  I also didn’t like the reaction that the cats gave when I put it on them.  So I switched to Diatomaceous Earth.  It’s all natural and they don’t even flinch when I put it on them.

Does Diatomaceous Earth kill fleas?

Yes!  Diatomaceous Earth is basically super fine fossils.   When it comes in contact with fleas, bed bugs, worms, you name it, it cuts the shell of the critter and they die.   You have to make sure that you buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  It is non toxic and you can eat it yourself (that’s a whole other blog post!).

Zoli’s back after his dusting!

You do have to be careful with it though.  Because this talc like powder will cut the shells of bugs, they will also cuts mucous membranes as well.  You want to be careful not to use it outside on a windy day.  I usually put it on their back and stay away from their face.  I rub it in a little and let them do the rest from grooming and going about their day!

The one above from Amazon is the exact one I use.  A 1 pound bag usually cost around $8.00 and goes a long way for me as you don’t need to use too much!

Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth for fleas?   Tell me what you think!  Cheers!

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