We May Be Adding A Member To The Family

This is Lutszi.  It is Hungarian for Larry.  All my kitties have Hungarian names so I find it apropos to name him Lutsziwith a Hungarian name.  Right now, Lutszi is a stray.  He has been hanging around for a couple of months but has recently really taken a liking to my yard.  I have been feeding him faithfully but he is still very apprehensive of me.  He really likes the other cats though and has even come inside to explore the house a bit.  I’m trying to get him to trust me so that he can become a member of the family before the Winter gets too cold.  Luckily, we are in Indian Summer right now and it has been beautiful weather.  However, this weekend, it is supposed to get chilly again and the nights are going to be in the 30’s.  Since he is still very wary of me, I built him a cat shelter out of an old plastic bin I had in the attic and some leftover styrofoam pieces that had come with my new TV.  It is also supposed to rain tonight so I hope he uses it so that I can give him his nightly feeding and he doesn’t starve through the night.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day as well so I hope he stays close to home.  Wish me luck!

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