Lutszi has come inside!

Last Thursday I was able to get Lutszi inside.  It was quite chilly and about to rain heavily.  All the cats were Lutszihungry and it was time to eat again so I placed the food in the middle of the living room.  Once he came in, I shut the door and let him finish eating.  He was quite timid at first and made his way to the basement where he hid for most of the night.  I put food out and by the morning he had finished it.  I don’t know where he was hiding but since the first feeding, he has been exploring the basement more and more.  He’s made himself comfortable on a chair and even came up 3 steps this morning.  I know he wants to come upstairs but he is still pretty apprehensive of me not to mention I’m currently having my roof replaced and all the banging isn’t too pleasant once daylight hits.

He definitely wants to make friends with the other cats.  Both him and Feri have been face to face smelling each other.  Feri hisses but that is all.  I know that Feri will accept him because otherwise Feri would have smacked him.  Lutszi offers his belly and wants to rub his head on Feri as a peace offering.  It’s so adorable to watch.  Even during the summer when they would be outside, Lutszi would do this to Feri.  Lutszi is very smitten with Feri and really wants to be his friend.

Gyula doesn’t bother with Lutszi and Zoli only gives a couple of hisses.  I’m sure that they will all be fine in a couple of weeks once they get used to each others smells and what not.  I know that I will have to wait a bit longer for Lutszi to trust me and I’m OK with that.  I just want him to be safe, happy, well feed and warm for the winter.

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