How To Stop One Cat From Bullying Another

how to stop one cat from bullying another
A rare moment!

Zoli is a big cat bully. I’m not sure where it came from because he wasn’t a bully kitten.  He bullies both Feri and Gyula but Feri will fight him back whereas Gyula plays the victim.  I think that Zoli knows that Gyula plays the victim and uses it to his advantage.  Zoli still wants to cuddle with both of them but tends to favor Feri more.  Feri lets him cuddle and enjoys it. Gyula, on the other hand, doesn’t really like to be too close to Zoli and will usually move away when Zoli tries to snuggle up to him.  However, lately, Gyula has been a bit more relaxed and has let him cuddle up to him on occasion.

But how do you stop cat bullying?  I’ve tried numerous things but four things really seem to help alleviate the stress to Gyula and calm Zoli down.  Here are my four ways on how to stop one cat from bullying another.


how to stop one cat from bullying another

Feliway is a cat pheromone that is released into the air via a wall plug heater. (there are other Feliway products as well)  They are similar to the ones used for air fresheners. The same pheromone is realised when cats rub their whiskers on your leg or a piece of furniture. It increases their happiness and calms them down a bit. I use this primarily during the colder months when the windows are closed.

how to stop one cat from bullying anotherGiving Zoli a bell

I bought Zoli a breakaway collar with a bell. It helps Gyula be able to hear him and Zoli actually likes the darn thing. If it comes off he wants it put back on and will stand there and allow me to replace it. He’s such a good boy!

Paying more attention to Zoli

I give Zoli more attention so that he feels like he is the top feline in the house. I make sure to give him love and attention especially when he starts getting snotty. When I come in the house I greet him first before the others and when I leave the house I say goodbye to him first and last. It has seemed to make a small difference especially when he starts annoying Gyula.

Giving Gyula his own spaceshow to stop one cat from bullying another

I set Gyula up with specific places for him to feel safe eating and using the litterbox. I put food up on the dresser for him. I’ve put a litter box upstairs as he likes to stay in the upstairs bedroom far away from Zoli when I’m not home. I’ve also put a bowl of water up in that room. I make sure that there are a bunch of places that he can go to either use the litter box or eat and drink.  Since Zoli has a collar with a bell, he can hear if he’s coming and run to hide.

The only thing about all this stuff I do is that Gyula is so afraid of the bullying that he always plays the victim now. He growls at Zoli if he gets too close even if Zoli isn’t doing anything. Sometimes Zoli looks at him sideways like “why are you growling at me fool?” Lol. This is why I want to try the kitty Prozac.  I think Gyula is so stressed out that he could use the help in calming his brain down a bit. Sometimes Zoli just wants to play or is going somewhere else and Gyula freaks out.

If I ever start the kitty Prozac I will add an update.  I’ve read that it doesn’t have to be done long term and can really help reverse things in just a few short months.  Have you ever tried kitty Prozac?  Should I give it a try?


  1. I used to have a single cat and have been trying to get my husband to agree to a second cat now that we are settled in our long term home. In all honesty, I would like 2 cats, but have never even thought about bullying as being a problem amongst cats.

    Have you had the cats for the same amount of time or has Zoli been there the longest and still asserting his boundaries?

    Does anyone with only 2 cats still find bullying a problem? Would love to hear from someone with 2 cats!

    1. Zoli came in to our family about a year after the first two. The thing is I adopted the other cats from the shelter and they were older cats. So when Zoli was 3 months old, Feri was 3 years and Gyula around 7. I think that’s part of the problem as well.

      When I had just the two (Feri and Gyula) I never had a problem. My mom has always had just 2 and it never had the problem.

  2. We had a program on the tv recently which showed the antics of cats when out at night. Some cats had radio collars put on them and they were tracked during the night to see what they did and where they went.
    It was obvious that cats are loners and when confronted with another feline in their path, they got quite stressed.
    I suppose big cats are usually on the own except when breeding. Then they go their separate ways, with the female bringing up the pups until it’s time for them to leave.
    Perhaps, because it is more natural for cats to be on their own, having to live with another or even more than one, can be stressful.
    Giving Zoli first place in the heirarchy is the same tactics used for dogs that have a tendency to fight. It does seem to help to keep the peace.
    My aunt has two cats that live in and out and they are so different and laid back, they tend to ignore each other. Her third cat lives outside and won’t come in the house. All seems peaceful with these 3, just luck perhaps! Great post. Ches

    1. I would love to see that show! It sounds very interesting!

      I had heard that other people had success with giving extra attention to the bullying cat which is what made me try it as well. I knew that many cats liked to be alone and the house was very tame with only Feri and Gyula but I just couldn’t bring myself to re-home one of the cats. It didn’t seem fair and by the time this had all begun to take place, I was already in love with all of them! So far, my techniques are working with Zoli still acting out once in a while however, I am noticing that as he ages, he is also calming down more. Thank you for sharing! Cheers!

  3. I’m willing to try anything! I adopted 2 cats from a shelter that didn’t socialize the cats at all. The calm one is a giant, fluffy, 2 year old that is calm af. The other is a 6 month old, tiny kitten that bullies poor, giant Max. I just bought the Comfort Zone, I really hope it helps. I feel bad for Max, he wants to snuggle, but is hiding in a closet because of Tiny. He wants to be friends with her and keeps trying. ?

    1. Awww, poor Max! I hope the Comfort Zone helps ease things for him. I haven’t update that page in a while but perhaps you can also try to keep the kitten busy so he doesn’t harass Max too much. I would suggest some battery-powered interactive toys like this catch the tail toy. All three of my boys will sit around it and play together. They also make replacement tails just in case they destroyed the tail that it comes with. It will also shut off on its own if it detects that it hasn’t been played with. This is also a good one. They are super rough with it and haven’t broken it yet! It will also shut off on its own. Allowing them to play together is also beneficial because the baby will see that Max is fun and may deter him from bullying too much. Also, you may want to look into Jackson Galaxy sprays. Specifically the Bully spray. It worked for me! Good luck and let me know how everything turns out!

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