Chilly Nights and Crisp Days in Connecticut

Here in Connecticut, the days are getting shorter and the nights have begun to get chilly.  The days are
Chilly Nights and Crisp Days in Connecticutcrisper and you need a light jacket when venturing out.  I do like this weather.  It’s the perfect weather to head up into the attic for purging, cleaning and grabbing the cold weather necessities.  The cats like it too.  Zoli has stopped going outside unless I’m with him as he doesn’t like this weather unless it’s to chase leaves.  Feri still goes out first thing in the morning but returns within 15 minutes.  These are the types of days where he drives me crazy and wants to come in and go out 15 million times a day!  I do really need to get a cat door installed.  Gyula goes out for a bit but really only once a day in the afternoon when it’s warmest outside.

I went up into the attic the other day and brought down the heater.  It’s not cold enough to turn on the heat yet but I like to take the chill out of the air with the portable heater.  The cats love the heater, Chilly Nights and Crisp Days in Connecticutespecially Zoli and Feri.  They love to lay in front of it and stick their paws underneath to warm up their paws.  During the winter, even though i have the heat on, I will still turn it on for them.  I can catch them laying in front of it for hours.

In southwestern Connecticut where we live, we generally have 7 months of colder weather.  Mid-September to mid-April is the time that we hunker down and get cuddly.  I don’t mind it one bit!  The cats are eating and sleeping more these days too.  Soon the leaves will start falling and we’ll all be outside enjoying the harvest weather while yours truly rakes the leaves!  Cheers!

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