Autumn and Cats – Slowly Changing To Cuddle Mode

Autumn and cats are two of my favorite things.  Here in Connecticut, summer is quickly winding down and it will soon be Autumn.  The nights are already getting down to a chilly 55 degrees and the days are in the lower 70’s.  The cats are definitely changing with the weather.  They usually go right outside in the morning during the summer to remain outside all day.  Now, I find that they realize it’s a bit chilly and they come inside after an hour or so until it warms up outside.  They are enjoying the late afternoons outside.  Soon even the air will turn crisp during the afternoon as well and I love it for so many reasons.

Sleep timeAutumn and cats

Once they come inside at dusk, they eat and usually spread out on the floor where it’s cooler.  The past few days, they have been cuddling up on the soft throws I have for them.  Late at night, I have also seen them snuggling together at the foot of my bed.  I also caught Feri sleeping in his fluffy cave that he only uses during the colder months.  Gyula is my big cuddle bunny and with the cooler nights, he has been snuggling up to me at night.  I love the Autumn because the cats are so much more affectionate and snuggly!


Playtimeautumn and cats

I think Zoli likes the Autumn the most.  He sits under the trees and waits for leaves to fall to the ground.  Before they hit, he will jump to grab it and run it to the to give me his prey.  I usually find a little pile of three or four leaves by my bed every day during the Autumn.  It’s so adorable and I’m grateful that his gifts aren’t dead animals.  LOL.  I always thank him and tell him what a good job he’s done.  He seems so happy.  I usually leave them there overnight and sometimes he plays with them.  He certainly is funny!

What crazy things do your cats do during Autumn?  Can you tell how they adjust to the change of season?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!  Cheers!

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